Camp 2019


Starts: Saturday 24th August at 10:30am

Ends: Monday 26th August at 14:00pm


Please arrive on site at 10:30am.  Parents are responsible for dropping off and collecting.


Hi ALL!!!

I hope you’re all looking forward to camp!  We have lots planned this year.  This is just a quick note to ensure you all know the arrangements and what you need to get ready for the weekend.




This year, I will be putting you into squads again.  These will be your teams for the “Camp Trials” throughout the weekend.  The trials consist of several challenges, and at the end of the camp the winning squad will get a prize!  Each squad has a squad leader.  These are responsible for managing the team to success!   Some of the trails will be physical, some mental, and some just bizarre!  The squads are remaining top secret until your arrival on the Saturday!  


Cooking / Meals

This year you will be cooking your own lunch again on Sunday Morning for an activity, but this year will be slightly different.  You will be given some ingredients and a recipe.  We will then see which squad are the best cooks!  You do not need to bring any food with you for this activity.



You should all have a kit list so please check you have everything ready.  Although we hope it’s lovely and sunny, be prepared for bad weather.   Remember your wet weather gear!  You can’t have too many spare clothes.  You will be getting wet, and muddy!  Bring some bin bags for wet and dirty clothes.





Also, remember you are going to get dirty, wet, muddy etc!  Do not wear your new £50 football shirt!


We recomend bringing an old pair of trainers or plimsolls to use when doing  water games / activities.  That way everyone can have a pair of wet shoes and dry shoes.   Bring a black bin liner to put your wet clothes in when you’re finished.



It is essential that everyone has a roll matt or air bed.  If you don’t have one, i have plenty of spares.  Some cheaper sleeping bags are not very warm, so bring a blanket with you to put over the top.


Medicines + First Aid

If you are on any medication, this should be clearly labelled and handed to Eileen upon arrival.  You must not keep any medication in your tents.  Eileen is the Duty First Aider.   We also have Kelly and Natalie to support Eileen where required.


The Duty Safeguarding officer Is Lindsay Pitchford.


Officer in charge of camp – Paul Brown


Senior commanding officer on camp – Chris Lawrence


Tuck Shop

Chris will be bringing his tuck-shop.  Please bring some tuck money in change.



We don’t recommend that you bring any valuables.  We will be camping under canvas, so nothing is secure.  E.g. Mobile Phones.  The officers will have their phones with them for any emergencies, and if you need to ring home we will happily lend them to you.  Any valuables you choose to bring are at your own risk.  Whetstone CLCGB cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property.


 Details for the FULL WEEKEND VISIT …

Starts: Saturday 24th August 2019 at 10:30

Ends: Monday 26th August 2019 at 15:00

Location: Johns Lee Wood – Markfield, Leicester

Cost: £60 – includes all activity fees, meals and accommodation.

Open to: members aged 7 and over (Y-TEAM , JTC and SENIORS)

Members aged under 7 will be invited for a day trip to the camp site

Travel Time: 30 Minutes from the Parish Centre (by Car)

This year’s annual camp is a woodland activity camp!  We will be camping under canvas at  Johns Lee wood.   The campsite is a large campsite with lots of open space, woodland and a number of activities onsite.

The main activities on camp this year will include Abseiling,  Shooting and Caving

Other activities on camp will include games, cooking, woodland activities, orienteering, water games, team challenges  and camp craft skills.  All the usual favourites will be going on, as well of lots of new activities to keep us all amused.

Each member is responsible for making their way to and from the camp site, and maps are available to dowload.   We recommend car sharing to ease the pressure on parents and reduce cost.  If you would like some help setting up a car share, please see one of the leaders


To Book on the full weekend camp Click Here to complete the online booking form.  Under 18’s must get their parent / guardian to complete the form and deceleration

Get your Kit LIST HERE


DETAILS FOR THE martins Day Trip …

fun filled activity day where the martins can come and join in the fun!


Sunday 25th of August 2019  Members to arrive at the parish centre at 08:30am.  They will then travel on the minibus to the camp in Markfield.  They will get involved in all our camp activities and go on a swimming trip!  Members will need swimming kit.  Cost is £6 each—this includes bus fare, swimming, lunch and swimming.  The Bus arrives back in whetstone at 18:00.


To Book on the day Trip CLICK HERE!!